Acre Baja Wedding Planning Guide: A Top Cabo Wedding Venue

Today I wanted to feature one of my all-time favorite wedding venues I’ve ever photographed: Acre Resort in Cabo. I’ve gotten the privilege of shooting multiple weddings at this incredible Cabo wedding venue and it truly never gets old. From the elegant treehouse hotel to the vibrant jungle atmosphere to the on-site animal sanctuary, Acre is pretty hard to beat as far as wedding venues go. Enjoy this guide to planning your Acre Baja wedding & reception!

About Acre Baja in San Jose del Cabo

What is Acre?

Acre is an absolutely stunning farm resort in Cabo. Also known as Acre Baja or Acre Resort, that welcomes visitors from all different walks of life. The resort hosts events, intimate gatherings, and describes itself as “a playground for all - a lush Secret Garden of palms, relaxed new experiences and an unwavering essence of free spirit”. Sounds like a pretty sweet deal to me! I’ve truly never experienced such an unreal, relaxing oasis as I have at Acre, and it didn’t take me long to see why so many couples dream of hosting their wedding celebration at Acre.

Where is Acre in Cabo?

Acre sits on 25 acres of stunning land right at the foothills of San Jose del Cabo, just seven minutes from town and adjacent to Puerto Los Cabos. Despite how close it is to San Jose del Cabo, it’s completely secluded and seriously feels like you’re in the middle of some crazy fairytale jungle! The palm forest setting filled with vibrant foliage, tall palm trees, lush green canopy, and the quiet of the farm provides an unbeatable getaway location in Cabo that anyone would love to experience.

How do you get to Acre?

Acre Resort is located about 8 miles from the Los Cabos International Airport (just under 13 kilometers), and you can get there by driving yourself if you have a rental car, or you can actually book a shuttle that takes you directly from the airport to Acre Baja.

Why Get Married at Acre Baja? 

It’s not hard to see why Acre Baja is such an incredible venue for your Cabo destination wedding, but just in case you need some more convincing. Let’s take a look at the best features of Acre Baja that make it one of the most amazing options in all of Cabo!

Secluded 25-acre sanctuary

First off, the venue itself is a super secluded, 25-acre sanctuary where you can truly escape from real life for as long as you’d like to. The massive piece of farmland is only partially filled at this point, but the owners are working toward developing it all to be a space for visitors to enjoy! The jungle environment creates such a relaxing, peaceful atmosphere for you to experience not only on your wedding day but for the entire time you’re there. Everywhere you look, you’re met with lush greenery, stunning views, unique architecture, luxurious amenities, and so much more. It’s seriously a little piece of heaven on Earth.

On-site treehouse accommodations

One of the coolest parts about Acre, in my opinion, is the on-site treehouse hotel that’s available for you to stay in. And these aren’t just any old treehouse like the one you built when you were little; these are elegant, luxurious treehouses set in one of the most beautiful locations in all of Cabo. 

Each treehouse is its own little hideaway in the jungle with plush king-size beds, complete privacy, private paths to the restaurant & bar. Plus a terrace where you can enjoy the setting sun with a delicious glass of small-batch mezcal. You’ll get complimentary access to Acre’s “Wake Up Breakfast,” high-speed wifi so you can communicate with loved ones back home. They have morning yoga and the freedom to explore the grounds of the resort as you please. Plus a relaxing outdoor shower! There’s a reason (many reasons) this treehouse hotel was named #3 of 44 sexiest hotels in the world by Cosmopolitan.

Having the ability to stay on-site is also fantastic because it just makes the process easier. You won’t have to travel to the venue once you finish getting ready, or leave to go somewhere else at the end of the night. Keeping everything at one location will make your whole day seamless and simple for you & your guests.

Luxurious spa services

The only thing that could be missing from this incredible resort so far? Spa services – but don’t you worry, they’ve got ‘em. You can get massages and other relaxing bodywork done upon request through Acre’s Treehouse Spa!

Mango orchard reception area

Yep, you read that right – Acre has an entire mango orchard available for you to use as a reception space. Just imagine hosting all of your favorite people in the middle of a mango orchard, surrounded by verdant palms and vibrant tropical fruits, with access to a tiled dance floor & an open-air rooftop above a high-end bar. This space is so diverse and can really be customized to fit the atmosphere you’re aiming for!

On-site animal sanctuary

Another one of Acre’s most unique features is its on-site animal sanctuary. It is a farm, overall! Not only does the resort have a sanctuary called Acre Dogs that houses & re-homes stray dogs and their litters; it also has an entire animal sanctuary that provides a home to donkeys, pygmy goats, free-roaming peacocks, and more. This is such a unique aspect of the resort that draws people in, because you’re free to interact with the animals and they’ll for sure bring a smile to your faces! 

Palm-tree surrounded pool

The pool at Acre Baja is a tropical dream come true, surrounded by palm trees, lounge chairs, large umbrellas, and overall incredible views. It’s the perfect location for a poolside cocktail hour or fun wedding portraits, whether you want to stay dry or hop in for a swim with your guests at the end of the night.

Award-winning bar & restaurant

A high-end resort like Acre can’t come without delicious, award-winning food, right?

The restaurant and bar at Acre are focused around a deep respect for the surroundings of the resort. Which is brought to life in the global influences & local ingredients of their dishes. The bar features an award-winning variety of innovative cocktail compositions, ready to provide each and every guest with a great drink to add to an already great time. Acre is also happy to accommodate any dietary restrictions, so you won’t have to worry about anybody being left out of the delicious meals provided. Enjoy the upscale menu at one of Acre’s stunning private dining areas: The Jungle Table, the Rooftop Terrace, or the Mezcal Lounge, depending on the size of your party.

Rehearsal dinner options

Finally, you can even host your rehearsal dinner at Acre, which is great if you’re planning to stay at Acre with your family and friends a few days before your wedding. Which I definitely recommend doing, so you have plenty of time to relax and enjoy the tropical escape!

Best Time of Year to Have Your Wedding at Acre Baja

The best time of year to visit Cabo is definitely between May and June, since that’s typically when less people are visiting (more visit during the winter if they’re trying to escape cold weather!), and storm season hasn’t hit yet. Temperatures in Cabo in May and June usually look like high’s in the mid to high-80’s, and lows in the 60’s. Not a bad climate to hold your wedding in if you ask me!

Tropical storm season in Cabo is most active between August and October, so that’s something to keep in mind if you’re considering a fall wedding in Cabo. The months of August and September are also when Cabo is the rainiest. But that also means it’s typically less crowded and often cheaper to travel!

Important Things to Note About Acre Baja

Here are a few things that are important to note about Acre Baja when considering it for your wedding venue:

  • The guest capacity ranges up to 500: each space can fit a different group size, depending on whether guests are seated or standing.

  • It’s an adults-only resort: this isn’t a resort to bring your kids to!

  • It’s pet-friendly: you’re more than welcome to bring your pets as long as they’ll be comfortable around the animals at Acre’s animal sanctuary (which houses dogs, small goats, peacocks, & a donkey).

  • The treehouses aren’t wheelchair-accessible: unfortunately because the treehouses are, well, treehouses, they’re not wheelchair-accessible.

  • Off-site excursions are available: Acre is happy to help you plan off-site excursions such as surfing, scuba diving, snorkeling, golfing, whale-watching, & more.

  • There’s a complimentary guest parking lot: if you’re bringing a car, you can park it in the guest parking lot near the property entrance, for free!

Acre Baja Wedding Packages

Acre doesn’t currently have any specific wedding package details or cost information up on their website, as they customize the experience for each and every couple. Check out an example of an Acre Baja wedding budget in this article. Which details budget estimates for a couple who spent over $50,000 on their Acre Baja wedding in 2021. You can inquire about your wedding here, and they’ll walk you through the whole process + everything you need to know!

Acre Resort Wedding Inspiration

Because I’ve photographed many weddings at Acre, I have plenty of real-life Acre Resort wedding inspiration I can show you. Take a look at some of my recent Acre weddings below to get an idea of what your wedding could look like if you choose this venue!

Ready to find the perfect photographer to capture your Acre Baja Cabo wedding? Hit me up here and let’s chat details – I’d be honored to be considered.

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