12 Best Joshua Tree Wedding Venues for a Desert Elopement

Out of all the incredible places to elope in California, I’ve gotta say – Joshua Tree is probably at the top on my list of favorites. I may be biased since my wife Gillian and I actually eloped in Joshua Tree, haha, but it’s pretty dang hard to beat the incredible desert landscape that Joshua Tree has to offer. With that wide-open, seemingly endless desert landscape comes so many amazing places to get married if you’re dreaming of a rad desert elopement. That’s why I went ahead & compiled 12 of the best Joshua Tree wedding venues for an intimate wedding or elopement, including the national park (obviously), a couple of wedding venues, and a whole lot of killer Joshua Tree Airbnb’s + properties. 

Maybe you want to tie the knot in a private elopement out in Joshua Tree National Park, with a cozy desert Airbnb booked to come back to at the end of the night. Or maybe you want to book a giant Airbnb with plenty of space to host your favorite loved ones who travel to witness your Joshua Tree elopement. 

Either way, I promise this list will have options for you – get ready to see some of the most beautiful Joshua Tree wedding venues & Airbnbs to host your elopement at!

12 Best Venues for a Joshua Tree Elopement or Wedding

Truthfully, there are an endless amount of incredible Joshua Tree wedding venues and desert Airbnb’s that would be amazing places to host your intimate elopement. I did my best to narrow it down to my favorites for you, but keep in mind that there are plenty more out there if you don’t feel like any of the places below are right for you.

A good chunk of the Airbnb’s* on this list are actually owned by one The Cohost Company, a property manager in Joshua Tree who manages a ton of epic properties in the area! I work with them & their Airbnb’s sometimes for my trips to Joshua Tree, and every place they manage is pretty killer, so I had to include them as potential wedding venues on the list below. Be sure to check out their website for even more rad, one-of-a-kind desert Airbnb’s!

*Disclaimer: one last thing before we get into the venues – if you decide you want to host your elopement at a Joshua Tree Airbnb, make sure to get permission from the host before you book a place! Some Airbnb listings say that parties/events aren’t allowed, but in the description of the listing it says that you can ask the host for permission to host your wedding on the property. Most places will charge an additional event fee if they allow you to host your wedding on-site, so make sure you talk to the owner about details before booking, and that you find out what is + isn’t allowed on the property.

1. Joshua Tree National Park

We’ll start with an obvious one, the iconic Joshua Tree National Park! You can hold your wedding at any of the 10+ permitted wedding locations in this stunning desert area, each of which can hold a group of guests ranging from 5-100 people depending on the site.  

Reservation needed? No reservations required to enter the park

Permit needed: Special Use Permit

Special Use Permit details:

  • $120 nonrefundable permit processing fee required

  • Items that are allowed:

    • Free-standing arch

    • Small table

    • Live flowers

    • Battery-powered candles

    • Runner/rug

    • Cake

    • Champagne

  • Items that are NOT allowed:

    • Drones

    • Dried flowers

    • Non-battery-powered candles

    • Bubbles

    • Live animals

    • Confetti/rice/birdseed/etc.

    • Balloons

    • Smoke bombs

How to get your Joshua Tree wedding permit:

  1. Complete this application

  2. Email your completed application to jeannie_wilson@nps.gov 

  3. Pay the $120 processing fee via instructions sent to you after submitting your application

  4. Wait to receive a permit if your request is approved

  5. Sign & return your permit to the park for final approval

Permitted wedding locations in Joshua Tree National Park:

  • Indian Cove Amphitheater

  • Hidden Valley Picnic Area

  • Turkey Flats

  • Cap Rock

  • Rattlesnake Picnic Area

  • Quail Springs Picnic Area

  • Split Rock

  • Porcupine Wash

  • Queen Valley Mine Intersection

  • Lost Horse Parking Lot

  • Live Oak Picnic Area

Pets allowed? Only within 100 feet of roads, picnic areas, & campgrounds

2. AutoCamp Joshua Tree

If you’ve never heard of AutoCamp, man you are missing out. AutoCamp is an incredible experience with locations around the country from Yosemite, to Zion, to Cape Cod, to Joshua Tree, & more! They offer a variety of unique, luxury accommodations + suites that blend the modern amenities of an upscale resort with the experience of being out in the middle of nature. AutoCamp Joshua Tree is located just a few minutes from the entrance to the national park, and offers guests a signature clubhouse to enjoy with loved ones, a swimming pool to cool off on a hot desert day, luxurious desert suites, yoga & wellness classes, and tons of opportunities for outdoor adventure. It’s seriously one of the coolest glamping experiences you could ever ask for, and makes for an incredible place for you + your guests to stay at for your Joshua Tree intimate wedding or elopement!

Distance from Joshua Tree NP: 9 minutes

Cost: Varies by suite type/date

Guest capacity: Ranges from 1-4

Pets allowed? Yes, for an additional fee of $75 (2 dog maximum)

Special features:

  • Variety of spacious, luxury accommodation options

  • Outdoor excursions such as ATV tours through the desert + skydiving

  • Spa-inspired bathrooms with modern amenities

  • Complimentary bikes

  • Swimming pool

  • All-day dining


Next up on the list is MORADA, an open-air pueblo home/wedding venue (and total desert oasis) just 15 minutes from Joshua Tree National Park. The home was originally built in 1958 and has been totally redone to create an incredible home for weddings, artists, and every type of creative person/project you could imagine! MORADA offers a collection of luxurious spaces in the desert, with a main desert luxury Spanish estate at the forefront that makes for an epic wedding venue. Enjoy a huge outdoor pool, a jacuzzi with vast desert views, a wood-burning fire pit, a full stage with instruments, and a detached studio space. The details below are for the main MORADA house, but keep in mind that there are two other spaces available, too – The Hideaway & The Post House!

Distance from Joshua Tree NP: 15 minutes

Cost: Varies by space/season – contact them for info

Bedrooms: 3

Baths: 2

Special features:

  • Jacuzzi

  • Large pool

  • Outdoor lounge

  • Wood-burning fire pit

  • Gas fire pit

  • BBQ

  • Oversized dining table

  • Detached studio space

  • Full stage

4. Sacred Sands

Sacred Sands is yet another epic desert oasis located just 1 mile from the west entrance of Joshua Tree National Park. I bet you’ve definitely seen pics of this retreat on Instagram or Pinterest before – it’s pretty iconic, featuring incredible desert views, amazing spots for nighttime stargazing, private outdoor soaking tubs, showers, & lounge spaces, and so much more. This place is hard to beat as a wedding venue, because the 5-acre property has unobstructed views of the mountains & picturesque joshua trees, as well as a gorgeous ceremony circle, an outdoor reception area, a patio for cocktail hour, and 4 luxury rooms for you and a few guests to stay in. Sacred Sands can accommodate 100 guests + 50 cars for a wedding, and has an on-site event planner to help plan your day. There’s even an indoor ballroom for when you want to keep the party going once the temperature drops at night!

Distance from Joshua Tree NP: 3 minutes

Cost: Varies by bedroom/season

Guest capacity: 2 per bedroom

Beds: 1 indoor + 1 outdoor bed per room

Special features:

  • Outdoor beds, soaking tubs, & rain showers

  • California king size beds with luxury bedding

  • Boho chic amenities & decor

  • Large outdoor terraces

  • Rustic outdoor ceremony circle

  • Boho ceremony arbors

  • Outdoor reception area

  • Cocktail hour patio

  • Indoor ballroom

  • Large professional kitchen

  • In-ground pool

5. Heaven’s Door

Heaven’s Door is the first of many phenomenal Airbnb’s on this list managed by The Cohost Company, located in Pioneertown about 20 minutes away from the national park. This property is any desert-lover’s heaven, offering a secluded space in the mountains with private hot tubs, a cozy outdoor lounge area, endless opportunities for relaxation (from guided meditation to yoga to sound baths), and an overall totally luxurious experience. You’ll have plenty of space in the backyard of the property for private hiking, and you can enjoy the private outdoor shower, pool, & relaxing hot tubs at the end of a long day!

Distance from Joshua Tree NP: 20 minutes

Cost: $420/night

Guest capacity: 6

Beds: 3

Bedrooms: 3

Baths: 3

Pets allowed? Yes

Special features:

  • 5 private acres

  • Hot tub

  • Outdoor shower

  • Outdoor pool

  • 2 hot tubs

  • Full kitchen

  • Outdoor dining area

  • Boulder-filled backyard for private hiking

  • Additional excursions + activities offered, such as guided meditation/hypnotherapy sessions, star tours, passages, yoga sessions, & private sound baths

High West House

If you want to be a little further (but still only a half hour drive) away from Joshua Tree NP for a lower cost, check out the High West House. This house sits on a boulder-filled, 2.5 acre desert property, featuring an amazing outdoor hot tub right in the secluded desert paradise and a cozy outdoor space to enjoy in the evenings. You’ll have access to an outdoor bed, a fun hangout space with a pool table, epic desert scenery, and tons of modern, boho amenities.

Distance from Joshua Tree NP: 25 minutes

Cost: $283/night

Guest capacity: 6

Beds: 3

Bedrooms: 2

Baths: 2

Pets allowed? Yes

Special features:

  • 2.5 private acres

  • Outdoor bed

  • Cowboy tub

  • Pool table + bar

  • Propane fire pit

  • Outdoor dining patio

  • Hammocks

7. The Artanis Villa

Now for those of you who want to rent out an absolutely epic, enormous space to host the party of a lifetime with all your closest loved ones, the Artanis Villa is the place for you. This 5,000+ square-foot home has room for 12 guests, with a crazy amount of space to relax, whether you want to soak in the hot tub, swim in the rock-lined pool, play a game of tennis on the private court, lounge in the hammock circle, or toast to a good time at the bar area. This is probably one of the coolest spaces you’ll ever stay at, with epic views of the Yucca Valley, a variety of one-of-a-kind rooms with unique decor, and opportunities for relaxation galore! This is absolutely the kind of place where you’ll make memories with your friends + family that’ll last a lifetime. And fun fact – Frank Sinatra once owned this property!

Distance from Joshua Tree NP: 20 minutes

Cost: $799/night

Guest capacity: 12

Beds: 12

Bedrooms: 5

Baths: 4.5

Pets allowed? Yes

Special features:

  • Private tennis court

  • Bar area

  • Hammock circle

  • Hot tub

  • Outdoor pool

  • Cornhole area

  • Propane fire pit & BBQ

  • Outdoor lounge area

  • Large formal dining room

  • Yoga studio

8. The Outlaw

The Outlaw is another epic property perfect for couples who want to rent out a massive area for all their guests to stay at! This Airbnb space is spread out over 17 acres of private land in the desert, with room for 14 guests to sleep + countless incredible spots to relax. It was actually featured on Netflix’s “World’s Most Amazing Vacation Rentals,” so you know it’s a top-tier choice for your intimate desert wedding. Enjoy a private outdoor lounge deck with a cowboy tub & a hot tub, giant windows so you can look out at the vast desert landscape, outdoor hammocks to read a book in, and too many cozy nooks inside the home to count.

Distance from Joshua Tree NP: 20 minutes

Cost: $1,141/night

Guest capacity: 14

Beds: 9

Bedrooms: 5

Baths: 5.5

Pets allowed? Yes

Special features:

  • 17 acres of private land

  • Lounge deck

  • Hammocks

  • Cowboy tub + hot tub

  • Floor to ceiling windows

  • Large saloon

  • Chapel

9. Fox Inn

The Fox Inn is a 6-guest home overlooking the Yucca Valley, meaning it’s got views that are pretty dang hard to beat. With an outdoor bed, shower, hot tub, & cowboy tub, an outdoor lounge area & patio, all-new amenities and construction, and wide windows so you can enjoy the full scenery, it’s the perfect place to host your wedding & invite 4 of your closest guests to stay the night and celebrate with you.

Distance from Joshua Tree NP: 15 minutes

Cost: $355/night

Guest capacity: 6

Beds: 3

Bedrooms: 3

Baths: 2

Pets allowed? Yes

Special features:

  • Outdoor bed, shower, couch, & dining patio

  • Accordion door to blend the outdoor & indoor areas

  • Covered parking

  • Cowboy tub

  • Hot tub

  • Brand new construction

10. The Modern Wolfden 3

With space for 6 guests in an effortlessly cool, artistic desert home, the Modern Wolfden 3 is a home that aims to blend the beauty of the desert environment with the relaxing atmosphere of a home filled with natural light, materials, and intentional furnishings. This property in Pioneertown is on the lower end of the Joshua Tree Airbnb price range, but doesn’t sacrifice anything! With two matching cowboy tubs plus two more separate tubs, a private pool, an outdoor shower, amazing sunset views, and a great workspace for guests who need to get some work done, this 2.5-acre property is pretty incredible.

Distance from Joshua Tree NP: 25 minutes

Cost: $215/night

Guest capacity: 6

Beds: 2


Baths: 2.5

Pets allowed? Yes

Special features:

  • 3 cowboy tubs

  • Hot tub

  • 4 hammocks

  • Propane fire pit + BBQ

  • Standalone bathtub

  • Outdoor shower

  • Large outdoor patio + lounge chairs

11. Villa Paloma

Villa Paloma is a stunning option for couples looking for a super boho-chic home, packed with modern desert decor and furnishings, gorgeous architecture, tons of natural light, and the desert color palette of your dreams. Enjoy a cocktail bar with beautiful desert views, a mini library with vintage books, a variety of outdoor amenities including a shower & hot tub, 4 private acres of property to explore, and luxury bath products. You’ll never want to leave this villa that perfectly exemplifies the tranquil, serene atmosphere of the desert!

Distance from Joshua Tree NP: 15 minutes

Cost: $304/night

Guest capacity: 6

Beds: 3

Bedrooms: 3

Baths: 3

Pets allowed? No

Special features:

  • Freestanding soaking tub

  • Rain shower

  • 4 private acres

  • Cowboy tub

  • Hot tub

  • Outdoor shower

  • Outdoor dining

  • Cocktail bar

  • Skylit indoor dining

  • Mini library

12. The Moondance

Last but definitely not least we’ve got the Moondance, an epic 10-person home that was featured in Palms Springs Life back in 2018. It’s a private bohemian retreat nestled right in the desert filled with joshua trees & cacti, only a half a mile from the border of the national park. The home serves as an incredible retreat space carefully curated with a variety of vintage & boho decor, rattan daybeds, an outdoor shower, a relaxing outdoor hot tub with lounge chairs, and so much more on the 2.5 acres of land.

Distance from Joshua Tree NP: 5 minutes

Cost: $195/night

Guest capacity: 10

Beds: 8

Bedrooms: 3

Baths: 2

Pets allowed? Yes

Special features:

  • Hot tub with lounge chairs

  • Cowboy tub

  • Outdoor shower

  • Horseshoe pit

  • Fully-equipped kitchen

  • 2.5 acres

Joshua Tree Elopement Packages

I hope that after looking through this list, you’ve found a couple of awesome options that would be the perfect place to host your Joshua Tree elopement or wedding! I got married in this incredible desert recently and had the most amazing celebration with all of my wife & I’s closest loved ones, so I know just how magical of a location Joshua Tree really is for your special day. I’d be stoked to document your big day in this epic place – take a look at my Joshua Tree elopement & wedding packages here, and then reach out to me if you feel like I’d be a good fit for your day. Can’t wait to hear from you!

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