Finding Your Dream Elopement Dress: 12 Best Designers & Shops

Picking out your elopement/wedding dress can easily become overwhelming, even though it’s supposed to be a super fun and exciting process! 

How do you know where to shop? What style should you go for? Which designers are the best?

That’s why I’ve created a list of my favorite elopement/bridal dress designers + the best bridal shops in Seattle, to help you narrow down your options and give you a great place to start. I’ve also included 7 unique elopement wedding dress ideas at the bottom of this blog post for any brides looking for ways to create a unique, personalized look.

Happy dress shopping!

Best Elopement/Bridal Dress Designers

1. Galia Lahav

Galia Lahav has got to be one of my all-time favorite dress designers, and I’ve worked with them tons of times. Most recently, I actually did a shoot in Arizona to photograph some of their newest designs!

Galia Lahav is a luxury bridal boutique that prides themselves on unique pieces, high-end materials & techniques, and custom gowns for every type of bride. The personalization & details on each and every dress are something you truly won’t find at any other bridal company. You’ll never regret investing in a unique, personalized piece by GL. 

Take a look at some of my past brides who chose Galia Lahav for their wedding dress. You’ll fall in love as soon as you see these gowns, trust me!

Natalie in Galia Lahav

Natalie picked a stunning fit-and-flare dress from Galia Lahav, with thin off-the-shoulder sleeves, a strapless neckline, and a material accented with floral lace patterns from top to bottom. I’m obsessed with the unique cutouts around the waist & down the bottom of this dress. They add such a cool, organic shape to an elegant design!

Sabina in Galia Lahav

Sabina’s wedding gown is nothing like you’ve ever seen before. It features floral appliqué from the waist all the way down to the end of the fluffy train. Who knew that 3D floral appliqué could look so fun & unique as the main feature of a wedding gown?!


BERTA is a fashion house originally created by designer Berta Balilti, famous for mixing bold & modern styles with vintage materials & retro looks. She’s a top-notch designer in the bridal industry and has designed countless elegant creations for brides around the world!

Domenica in BERTA

Domenica rocked a BERTA gown for her wedding day with Dominic. A stunning mermaid-fit gown with a classic wedding feel, yet mixed with the modern vibes of the uniquely-shaped deep neckline cut. 

3. Rue de Seine

If you’ve ever seen a wedding gown filled to the brim with a luxury bohemian feel, unique patterns, & a trendy fit. it was probably a Rue de Seine gown. 

Rue de Seine is THE top-tier company for modern bohemian bridal looks for the free-spirited bride. Founded by designer Michele Corty, who was inspired by the effortless bohemian style of Saint-Germain-des-Prés (a Parisian district). This company produces all its gowns in-house and put the utmost care into its craft. Every gown is created & cut by the same seamstress and is decorated from top-to-bottom with unique patterns that really force you to think outside of the box when it comes to wedding gowns! From white dresses with bohemian cutouts, to blue dresses with a luxury Western-style, to materials that allow you to move freely, Rue de Seine should be the go-to bridal designer for any bohemian-loving bride.

Alisa in Rue de Seine

Alisa knew that she wanted to embody a free-spirited, bohemian vibe when she & Kyle tied the knot out in the wide-open Arizona desert. She picked a Rue de Seine gown with chunk floral designs, open back, flowy sleeves, and a leg slit. Perfect for free movement around the desert. They fully embraced the modern bohemian style we all love, pairing Lauren’s gown with Kyle's black suit!

If you’re loving these photos of Alisa in Arizona, you’ll definitely enjoy my blog post featuring the Best Places to Elope in Arizona!

4. Rime Arodaky

Rime Arodaky is a designer that I feel like many people haven’t heard of. She has created many of the most beautifully-crafted bridal looks out there. Her creations are full of effortless glamor, fashion-forward style, and elegant craftsmanship. From one-of-a-kind bridal looks such as pantsuits to glamorous takes on traditional styles, to unique accessories to elevate any look.

With a focus on ethical design techniques & the comfort of each and every bride, Rime has created countless bridal looks using recycled crepe and makes sure every dress is made of

Amy in Rime Arodaky

One of the weddings that get shared super often from my social media is Amy & Will’s. Thanks to Amy’s chosen outfit from Rime Arodaky! She actually wore it to their rehearsal dinner and absolutely KILLED the two-piece jumpsuit look that’s become popular in the bridal style industry. She chose the Patsy Jumpsuit, featuring fun yet stylish sparkles, elegant lace details, and a gorgeous skirt overlay over cropped white bottoms.

Blair in Rime Arodaky

Blair opted for more of a “traditional” bridal look with a one-piece gown but chose one that featured beautiful, delicate floral details and a simple white bottom layered with tulle. This gown is a perfect example of how you can keep your bridal look simple, yet still have those small accents & touches (like the nearly-off-the-shoulder sleeves) that make it unique!

5. Grace Loves Lace

Grace Loves Lace is a bridal company whose gowns are handmade in Australia. They focus on crafting pieces that take into account the comfort & movement of their brides. They believe in creating gowns out of high-quality, luxury, and sustainably-sourced fabrics, using ethical manufacturing techniques, and use only the finest laces, silks, & embroideries. Talk about a luxury company that truly cares about its customers!

Grace Loves Lace loves creating gowns that scream effortless luxury, confidence, & empowerment for every bride that purchases one. This company has a dress for everyone, from modern bohemian styles, to elevated traditional gowns, to simple & chic looks. 

6. Sarah Seven

Sarah Seven is a designer who creates chic wedding gowns for the modern bride. Whether she’s looking for a simple gown to pair with accent accessories, or a unique bridal look with beaded sleeves & a leg slit to keep her comfortable. These designer dresses are luxurious, elegant, and modern, filled to the brim with unique touches to help brides find what feels like them, such as removable sleeves, puffed shoulder pads, and trains of all lengths.

7. Teuta Matoshi

Teuta Matoshi actually isn’t a bridal designer, but a company specializing in high-quality, whimsically feminine gowns. Her gowns are amazing options for any brides searching for a non-traditional yet still luxurious look! Every gown looks like something out of a whimsical storybook. Many are decorated with flowers, featuring pastel colors, and offering tons of different fits + styles. Wearing a gown from Teuta Matoshi to your wedding is a sure way to embody a unique bridal look that makes it look like you’re straight out of a fairytale!

Danielle in Teuta Matoshi

For Danielle & Vic’s engagement session, Danielle wore a gold Teuta Matoshi dress, featuring sparkles & glimmer all around, flowy sleeves, and a simple belt. You can find more gold Teuta Matoshi dresses here - there are plenty of glamorous options!

8. Leanne Marshall

Finally, Leanne Marshall is a bridal designer that produces gowns in New York, all composed of natural, sustainable textiles & materials sourced from reputable mills. Her signature bridal line is made up of sophisticated designs full of feminine details and timeless elegance, handcrafted for brides who want a dress that will showcase her beauty in a simple yet luxurious fashion. Her dresses are unique and dreamy for any bride looking for an ethereal look, whether that means a classic white dress or a whimsical dress with a pop of color.

Samantha in Leanne Marshall

Samantha wore a Leanne Marshall dress for her & Derricks’ Yosemite elopement, and it’s got to be one of my recent favorite gowns! She chose a white gown full of simplicity, accented by small elegant details, unique thin sleeves & straps, and open sides. It was the perfect dress for a simple yet absolutely gorgeous look, that allowed both Samantha & the Yosemite landscape to shine.

Where to Buy Your Elopement Dress: Best Bridal Shops in Seattle, Washington

If you’re shopping for a gown in the Seattle area, here are a few of my favorite, go-to shops that I recommend to brides!

1. The Dress Theory

The Dress Theory is a bridal company that designs effortless dresses for the modern, romantic, & free-spirited bride. They were actually founded in Seattle, and now have locations in Nashville & San Diego as well! They’ve got tons of styles to offer, from modern to bohemian to eclectic gowns & more, all made with care, detail, & fairness. Their gowns range from $2000-$8000, with an average purchase range of $2500-$4500.

Visit the Dress Theory Seattle at 1423 N 45th St., just north of the Fremont area!

2. a&bé Bridal

a&bé Bridal is a bridal boutique with locations in Austin, Boise, Dallas, Denver, Minneapolis, Portland, Raleigh, Sacramento, & Seattle. They’ve got tons of beautiful styles available to fit your personal vision & style, from modern dresses, to more romantic classic styles, to chic trendsetting designs. Their gowns range from $1200-$3000+, most ranging from $1500-$2500.

Visit a&bé Bridal at 5423 Ballard Avenue NW!

3. IDINA Bride

IDINA Bride’s slogan is “bridal wear that transcends the conventional” - how could you not already love that? This boutique provides an intimate, elevated bridal shopping experience to help you find your dream dress, whether you’re looking for a simple gown with pockets, a whimsical gown full of elegant details & appliqué, or a unique gown with puffed sleeves and a leg slit, they’ve got it all. 

Visit IDINA Bride at 610 Main Street in Edmonds!

4. Grace Loves Lace

I already mentioned Grace Loves Lace as a fantastic bridal designer, and fortunately they’ve got  a showroom in Seattle you can visit for your bridal shopping experience. 

Visit Grace Loves Lace at 5201 Ballard Ave NW, right near a&bé Bridal!

7 Unique Elopement Wedding Dress Ideas

Before you go, I wanted to give you a few unique elopement or wedding dress ideas to help you think outside of the box when it comes to picking your dream dress!

1. Sleeves

Sleeves are a perfect way to add a unique touch to any dress, whether the dress comes with sleeves sewn on or you buy removable sleeves to put on & take off at different parts of the day. You could go for simple long sleeves, puffed sleeves, sleeves with floral appliqué, the options are endless. Check out some examples of bridal gowns with sleeves below, featuring Diamond, Natalie, Blair, & Jess!

2. Fringe

If you’re going for a modern bohemian or western-style bridal look, fringe is an awesome detail that will really bring that feel to life. Lauren’s Rue de Seine dress is the perfect example of fringe - her gown legit had fringe draping down it from top to bottom, bringing together that modern bohemian look so beautifully.

3. Geometric cutouts + patterns

Geometric cutouts and patterns are a great way to add some dimension & unique details to a dress! You can see that Natalie’s dress, below, featured uniquely-shaped cutouts in the shape of an upside-down triangle at the top, and then skinny rectangles going down the bottom of the dress. These cutouts really created a unique frame & look to a simple floral dress!

Lauren’s dress is also a great example of geometric patterns; her dress had criss-cross squares from top to bottom. The top of the gown also featured lines of flowers & straight-edge cutouts, which created a really unique look.

4. 3D florals

Let’s look at Sabina’s gown again and just admire the 3D floral appliqué! The 3D florals really bring out that whimsical feel and make Sabina look like she just walked out of a fairytale story, right?

5. Removable capes

A fairly recent trend in bridal looks: capes. Capes are one of the coolest ways to add a personal, unique touch to any gown, since you can buy removable capes that you can attach to your sleeves, & take it off at any point. Take a look at Tiare & Natalie’s dresses below for two different examples of how rad bridal capes look!

6. Leg slits

Leg slits are a great way to add a spunky feel to any dress, plus they add extra comfort since you’re able to move that leg around freely! Yana & Ashley both chose dresses with leg slits and totally rocked their looks.

7. Pantsuits/jumpsuits

And lastly, pantsuits & jumpsuits are always a fantastic way to go if you’re looking for a unique bridal look. Plenty of bridal designers now carry a few different types of bridal jumpsuit looks or even two-piece styles that will keep you comfy, able to freely move around, and rock a style that strays from the traditional bridal gown.

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