Panama Island Wedding

In late March I got to travel down to Bocas Del Toro, Panama to document Lauren + Bryan’s wedding weekend. It’s by far the most remote wedding I’ve done thus far. It took a couple flights and a 30-minute boat ride to get to the island. The house I was staying at ran on three solar panels and one battery, which had one outlet (thankfully, the videographer, Alex, brought a power strip). By the end of the trip we were charging so much gear that we killed the battery, which resulted in us eventually losing water pressure in the house as well. My last shower of the trip was just trying to catch every last drip out of the showerhead. It was great. I love that place so much. If you ever travel out to Panama, stay at Casa Cayuco, they are the nicest people.

It was a blast getting to hang out with everyone and document all that went on from football games on the beach to hanging out at a bar over the water. The day after the wedding, we went out with Lauren + Bryan to shoot more portraits of them and explore some other areas around the island. That included heading out to a tiny island in the middle of the water with a single palm tree on it. It was pretty rad to see. Lauren + Bryan insisted on getting a few photos on the island and then wanted to surf in their wedding clothes (Lauren put on a different dress because long, form-fitting dresses and swimming don’t mix). It’s pretty cool how the reefs generate waves out in the middle of the ocean. After popping a bottle of champagne, they jumped in and swam around until they caught a couple waves. It was such a fun time. I can’t thank Lauren + Bryan enough for bringing me along and including me in all the festivities. Super pumped that they’ll be moving to Seattle next year.

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