Glacier National Park Elopement

Robyn + John are one of the many couples who had their wedding plans foiled by COVID-19. Instead of having their closest family & friends gather in Eastern, WA, they decided to go out to John's father's house for a celebration with their immediate families only. John's father happens to have property right outside of Glacier National Park. Glacier is one of the last remaining national parks on the west coast that I haven't been to. I've been itching to get out there so I was really excited when they mentioned they were going to be heading out that way instead. I ended up driving out there from Seattle which was such a fun drive (started the drive at 3am to get out there in time). Unfortunately, this was right when the west coast was getting hit hard with wild fires and smoke had spread everywhere. Fortunately, this was the last semi-clear day at Glacier for the next couple weeks. So while we couldn't see the beautiful mountaintops in the background, we still could see the tree line and have some sort of a backdrop for the ceremony. Robyn's father married them at the shores of Bowman Lake. So stoked that despite all the hiccups, Robyn + John were able to marry one another with their families attending. Hope you enjoy looking through their day.

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