Adventurous Iceland Elopement

Holy smokes, what an elopement this was! This was my 5th time to Iceland and it continues to amaze me more and more every time I'm there. Sam + Zach had originally planned to have their wedding in New York but later on decided to keep it much more intimate and elope somewhere with an incredible backdrop. Of course Iceland was a perfect choice for that. As always, working with Chris of Goodco Studios is always the best time and even better when we get to do it overseas! I met Chris at the airport and we immediately ventured out to meet Sam + Zach at an epic waterfall hike. Even after flying for 8 hours through the night, I had so much energy and was so stoked to see a new part of Iceland. When we showed up to the parking lot, we couldn't believe how much wind there was! It was nuts. We decided to hike down into the valley as we figured we could escape the wind that way and get some epic views of the waterfalls. We took some portraits along the way and had a blast taking in all the scenery.

The next day we woke up to quite a bit of sun which was awesome! We took our time getting ready and eventually ventured towards the south coast where we would stop by various locations for their first look, vows & portraits. Zach's sister officiated their ceremony which was so special. Eventually the clouds rolled in and some rain passed through which gave us those signature Iceland moody vibes. After a short break, we hiked out to a waterfall we determined would be the backdrop for the ceremony. When we started the ceremony, we had the area all to ourselves which was amazing! Half-way through the ceremony I looked behind me and noticed we had a little crowd growing. It was so kind of people to pause walking on the trail and give them their moment. When Sam + Zach kissed, they got huge cheers from everyone, it was such a fun moment! It was a heck of a day and we were all so beat by the time we got back to the Airbnb; but an incredible time with great people and beautiful views!

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