Golden Point Reyes Engagement

I've followed Samii on Instagram for awhile now and was stoked when I saw her and Evan got engaged! Samii is in the fashion industry and has her own brand called By Samii Ryan and is totally killing it! The stars aligned for us to work together because their wedding date happened to be my last available weekend next summer (boo COVID).

They'll be getting married back where Evan grew up on the east coast; so for their engagement photos they wanted to incorporate the beach and ocean. We met up in Point Reyes which is one of my favorite places to shoot around in the Bay Area. Due to some construction we weren't able to get to a couple spots I was planning on. However, it honestly worked out way better with being able to shoot at some new places there I had never been to before. It was no surprise that Samii had some super rad looks planned for the shoot! We were able to get five different looks in which was incredible! Super pumped on how everything turned out and cannot wait to hang out with them again in Massachusetts next year!

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